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Ruch Poparcia on bubble
superb image,great colours and details,bravo

☾éline on untitled
I like this shot !

Heather on sky
This is so beautiful! this hike looks like such an amazing experience!

Manubhai on reykjavík
Excellent view and amazing shot...very nicely framed....

Claudia on reykjavík
Such beautiful colors and I love the composition here!

K.B.R on reykjavík
Great framing. impressive clouds!

KriKridesign on sky
Will be my turn soon to kill you...I 'm preparing my patagonian's archives... ;-)))

KriKridesign on sky
you really want to kill me! ;-)

KriKridesign on enjoy the view
this was your camp site???? I'm jalous!!!

DarkElf on spikes
great composition! i really like the sky too - beautiful shade of blue!

Zahai on spikes
schon beeindruckend, mit der roten ameise.... schickschick

KriKridesign on spikes
The blue skye is stunning...when we knows this is in Island!!!

Garfield on shadows
Very well seen and captured ... excellent

Self-Indulgence on shadows
I really like how the shadows walk up the slope here.. yet the people are unseen. Great shadow capture indeed.

KriKridesign on I in front of the glacier
You just made a 100* trekking! Extraordinary bivouac...Sure, you'll never forgot that for the rest of your life...

KriKridesign on I in front of the glacier
MAGIC!...For that, I'm without words...Oh, as I would like to be there...

elmer on shadows
hello. there is a scene alive with a beautiful diagonal. I agree really.

KriKridesign on shadows
Je m'incline...5*

KriKridesign on lets get going
And you did well...Best way to travel is like you are doing here... (I'm presently trying to save my negatives ...

KriKridesign on Supergreen Moss
good idea!

KriKridesign on Merging Waterfalls
My God!!!

KriKridesign on backsacks
so can't wait to see the nexts...!

KriKridesign on backsacks
What are you going to climb with such a nice equipment?

Phara on Stairs
Very nice!

MARIANA on Stairs
Like this image a lot . Great mood !

Curly on Snow
This shot really does have an "arty" look.

elmer on .
good evening. a moment of life and a perfectly framed portrait softly. I appreciate.

Curly on .
It's a very strange deserted yet open place. Great for decaying debris and opportunities.

k@ on .
I like there is someone leaving in the rich background, adds a lot of depth to the cool portrait

Céline on .
Nice and sweet !

Curly on Window
Great tonal range in this image, is that indoor snow too?

k@ on Window
Totally stunning, great effect !

Self-Indulgence on Ceiling
This is a very well framed image, nicely done.

Curly on hair
Simply delightful and such delicate colours.

Curly on skulls
These trophies look like distant memories sitting in such a small pool of light. This is a very effective shot.

k@ on rose
Super rhythm with this repetition & pace on the snowy path

kate on Fountain
very beautiful image.. ~~:)

Stéphanie on Swing
Lovely picture. I like the colors; I find it very dramatic and beautiful. Love winter!!

Charlie on Swing
liking the vignette here, very effectve

Benoit Darrieux on Swing
Very sweet, excellent image to be reconciled with cold temperatures..

Céline on Swing
I love it ! Absolutely gorgeous !

Self-Indulgence on Cross
I can't tell if you used selective coloring or this is natural but whatever the case it is wonderful!

Céline on Cross
Very nice shot ! I love it !

Céline on Fence
Interesting shot !

Céline on Bench
Nice !

Curly on Snow i)
It looks like snow has fallen on the gas ring of a stove/oven.

Curly on house
The dog house, eh? Hope it has long legs (like a Great Dane)

Youssef on house
Cool. Where's the cat?

Curly on Snow i)
Is this where you light the gas to make a brew?

Zahai on Snow i)
schicke sache

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